We are always looking for excellent students and postdocs

Our research brings us to the vanguard of applied electrochemical systems, and we are always looking out for new top-notch group members. At the moment, we are in particular recruiting for the positions below, but please feel free to drop us a line and introduce yourself.

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Open vacancies

Graduate students for Fall 2019 entrance

You are interested in battery research and want to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry? A new project on binder development for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries is open for graduate students starting in fall 2019.

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Undergraduate part-time assistants

I am looking for undergraduate students who would like to help setting up new equipment and develop protocols for electrode material synthesis and characterization. If you want to dip your toe into research and are interested in materials chemistry, send me an email, or better yet, come by Parker Building 520E and introduce yourself in person.

Summer students

Undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba: if you are interested in battery research and would like to get some research experience through the summer months, please send me a message or come to meet me at my office. Undergraduate student research award deadlines are coming up, and I'll be happy to host interested candidates.